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“Black Elk,” watercolor painting by kayti sweetland rasmussen “Eulogy” by Sherman Alexie My mother was a dictionary, She was one of the last fluent speakers of our tribal language. She knew dozens of words that no one else knew. When she died, we buried all those words with her. My mother was a dictionary. She […]


“Taos Man” stoneware sculpture by kayti sweetland rasmussen “Forgiving Our Fathers” poem by Dick Lourie Maybe in a dream; he’s in your power you twist his arm but you’re not sure it was he that stole your money you feel calmer and you decide to let him go free or he’s the one (as in […]


THE WARNING OF THE WATERMILL Poem by Richard Holding Vitruvius Molinus made me, With wheel and stone and leat, While cohorts marched against the tribes Westward on Watling Street. Four generations tended me, Till the Legions recall to Rome; But a Molinus stayed to work my mill— He knew no other home. When invading hordes […]


Is a writer guilty of writing a patchwork (cento) of other authors works or opinions? Probably. The very act of communication introduces us to ideas not of our own making which we develop and embellish until even the original purveyor has trouble recognizing or claiming as his own. Nobel-prize-winning poet T.S. Eliot’s observation is relevant […]


THE SECRET Two girls discover the secret of life in a sudden line of poetry. I who don’t know the secret wrote the line. They told me (Through a third person) they had found it but not what it was not even what line it was. No doubt by now, more than a week later, […]


When I heard that daisies have a secret life, I decided to set out immediately to discover what it is. How dare this common garden dweller have a “secret life”? I soon found out that daisies never tell. Not to be discouraged, I proceeded at once to retrace my steps and lift a few stones […]