I love the watercolor medium.  The look of color flowing over damp pristine white paper to become another color as it blends with a neighboring hue is so exciting to me.  Oil painting of course has its own virtues, but to watch one color flowing into a shadow on the paper and bringing a sort of mystery to a dark fold in a garment, or the bark of a tree, is a delight which can never be repeated.  That is what makes watercolor by far the most difficult of the paint mediums.  It cannot be copied, nor can that particular flow happen again.  It has a sensual quality to it.

Great oil paintings command great price.  Far more than a watercolor, as they should.  The simple watercolor never claims to be great art.  But the sometimes astonishing movement of colors mixing on the paper makes it all worthwhile.   Just go with the flow.

It’s a good motto for life too.  Rivers flow, and if there are no reasons to divert them, then let them flow.  They know where they’re going.   There are a lot of occasions when the best path is to do nothing.  In the sixty’s someone came up with a great catch phrase:  “Don’t sweat the small stuff; and it’s all small stuff.”

So when you find your knickers getting into a twist over nothing, just go with the flow.