We are all talented at something, We can agree on that can’t we?

Unfortunately, we are often not talented in the way we would have chosen to be talented.

You may have dreamed of becoming a brilliant neurosurgeon, but you can’t handle the math or the knives. A major league catcher may be your greatest desire, but you can’t catch a beachball, and your allergies go haywire in the spring.

There are so many “perhaps”; we all have different dreams and sometimes miraculously, our dreams come true. So don’t get all distraught and angsty about it. Believe me, your particular talent is hidden in there somewhere.

Maybe it’s cooking, gardening, decorating, or just being a friend. You don’t get to pick and choose what talent you have. Embrace your talent, but don’t expect anyone else to embrace you. This is your own particular thing.

I will, of course, talk about myself, because that’s what you get to do when you write a personal blog.

I always felt I could have been a fabulous concert pianist, but we couldn’t afford a piano when I was a child, and besides, we moved too often to cart one around with us.

Some time ago .I was getting burned out with sculpture and had decided to stick to tennis, at which I was pretty lousy. About this time I took a visiting young man to his church, and listened to an inspiring sermon on the surety of everybody possessing a personal talent, and the absolute necessity to share it. I felt the message was aimed at me personally, so I went home and made a sculpture of St. Francis to gift the priest with. The most prolific period of my artistic life followed that simple sermon.

You can never be an artist if your work comes without effort.