Many thanks to The EyeDancers for nominating me for a Best Moment Award! Considering all the wonderful blogs out there in cyberspace, I am humbled to be nominated. Two years ago, I knew nothing about blogging. I had undergone a complete shoulder replacment, which ended my many years as a sculptor and potter, at least for the time being, so when http://cheriblocksabraw, with her great blog ‘Notes From Around the Block’, suggested I do some writing, I thought I’d give it a try. Plus she gave me the added incentive to try posting photos of my sculpture and painting. Voila! my art career wasn’t really gone, it just took a vacation.

I thought maybe the only people who would read it were my family, so it has been very gratifying to find there is an audience for my random scribbling. While I used to tell my stories in paint and clay, I have now found words. Thank you to everyone who follows, reads, and visits the Pachofaunfinished site. Please come again and come often; I love your comments and welcome your feedback.

Thanks again to The Eye-Dancers for nominating Pachofaunfinished for the Best Moments Award! The Eye-Dancers is a wonderful site, with all kinds of great stories, movie reviews, etc. Do check them out soon.