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Most of my life has been accompanied by the smell of wet clay and oil paint, and I told most of my stories through that media while traveling between homes both in California and Washington state. We now live surrounded by rolling hills in Northern California where I am an artist, retired art teacher and writer.

Coming from a long line of potters, it seemed natural for me to become a clayworker. My ancestors were in the pottery business in England over 200 years ago, where they manufactured the glaze for the Doulton Company before it became Royal Doulton.

Dressing windows for various department stores in the Bay area along with teaching art at college level and helping run a small art gallery, kept life interesting and busy for a number of years.

I was introduced to Indian America by friends from both New Mexico and the Northwest, and as a result, have spent over 40 years traveling, working with other artists and painting and carving in those areas. Many years ago I was given the honorary name “Pacho Fa,” meaning Three Feathers, by the Pueblo people in Isleta, New Mexico, for which I am humbled.

21 thoughts on “About M”

  1. Where have you been all my life? I just adore you stories, there is a song about Mr frog and the Missy Mouse, its called ‘ Why is there no tagpoles covered in fur’ I will find it amounst my collection of folk music and upload it for you. When I was reading about your mother on the tv came the song ‘In the arms of an Angel’ which was quite fitting I think. I shall read the rest of your blog over the coming weeks. 😀


  2. Thank you for stopping by at my blog. You seem to like the two recent posts that dealt with the passing of time and of us getting older. Perhaps you have similar thoughts?


  3. Hello Kayti, I’ve been to your blog before because I’ve already ‘liked’ this page, but for some reason I have neglected to follow. That is rectified this instant! Thank you for your many visits to my pages. It is much appreciated. ❤


  4. I found your blog through Christine R’s and signed up…i am not a blogger yet, but will be and I find your simpatico. I love dogs, too…nature…life’s puzzles…good health to you!


  5. You do have a niche – it’s the I Don’t Have A Niche niche. There’s a lot of us in there (it’s a crowded niche). Thanks for the follow. Seeing what you do, I apologise in advance for any drawings that appear in any of my future posts…. 😀


  6. I can see we have many things in common: books and chocolate, either separately or together, horses, dogs, gardening and food. I love to bake, but can’t cook. However I certainly love to eat my husband’s cooking. I really love the painting of your daughter.


  7. I loved your about page 😊. My maternal grandparents are from The Potteries, my Nana worked as a transferrer when she first left school and my friend Gill made China flowers until she went into the Royal Airforce. 😊


  8. Where did your Nana work? It sounds interesting. Also interesting that your friend went into the Air Force. I wanted to much to go into the Waves, but my father wouldn’t let me, so I went into the R.O.T.C. during the War.


    1. Sorry I missed this better late than never :), My Nana worked at a factory called Dunn Bennett they were taken over by Doultons but my Nana had to leave because her eczema flared up on her hands with the wet clay. I looked ROTC up Officer training must have been a tough course, Gill worked as a teleprinter operator until she left to start her family.


  9. Hi! I came across your blog while researching some of my family from Oregon. I see that your are the granddaughter of Dena Grey Sweetland. I have some pictures and old newspaper tidbits from an old Grants Pass newspapers you may find interesting. From what I understand, Dena’s mother was married to a Mr. Grey and then later to a Mr. H. A. Corliss. I have some old photos of H. A. Corliss, a couple of Dena Grey (one also includes a little girl named Emily Cox), and another of H. A.’s daughter Hazel. H. A. Corliss was a son of John and Christiana Burton Corliss. Christiana had a sister named Ann Burton who married an Aaron Plummer. Their son Beecher (B. I.) was my g g grandfather. They were from Maine. H. A. and B. I. both lived in Grants Pass, OR in the early 1900s. B. I. was a proprietor of several different meat markets throughout the years. He and Mr. Sweetland (Dena’s husband) were in business together. He also worked with the Gray’s meat market (Were these the same market’s? Was this the same as the Dena Gray’s family?) I have a number of old pictures of Grants Pass including some of the meat market. Please shoot me an email. Would love to know more information about the Sweetland/Grey family and would love to share those pictures with you. I’ve come across a number of names and such that I’m not exactly sure how they fit in. You may recognize some. Thanks! -Jonathan Reeves – jer0007@tigermail.auburn.edu


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