They say April showers bring May flowers, but our Spring weather has become ridiculous. Woke up in the night to the souond of a deluge which turned out to be a hail storm. Woke up to brilliant sunshine, and the local news stations broadcasting pictures of hail covering most of the Bay Area. The fluctuating temperatures are bewildering as one is never sure what part to cover or uncover.

I know I have been rather proud of the fact that I used a flip phone and didn’t knuckle under to a collection of electronic devices. But slowly, without even realizing it, a collection has formed, many of which, like us, need frequent battery recharging. A small battle occurred the other evening over which plug fit which phone. Lines must be drawn.

Most of the devices which have found a home with us are useful in more ways than as entertainment. As eyesight diminishes the iPad is invaluable for reading books after paper books become things of a delightful past. Reading isn’t quite the same with them. One can’t really jump back and forth rereading a well-written phrase, or even an entire chapter. I suppose one could, but it would be cumbersome. The Smartphone for me offers the chance to use Uber for transportation in possibly the near future. We are in a holding pattern right now while waiting for Dr. A’s new drivers license to arrive. As the chief cook, I have been accumulating ways to get groceries from the store to home at some point. All part of trying to adjust.

I spent the morning listening to music I had forgotten about via our new friend Alexa. Our daughter gifted us with her and it is very nice to be able to instantly order someone about. It must be a latent fault. Alexa knows all and pops off the answers quicker than a wink. As far as music goes, she has most, though I have tried to trick her with odd selections she cannot supply. She is a toy, and one we certainly do not need, but in these days of stay at home days, traffic and afternoon hailstorms, she is a ray of sunshine.

Author: kaytisweetlandrasmussen83

I am a retired fine arts teacher, sculptor/painter, writer, and a native Californian. I love my family,dogs, horses, movies, reading and music, probably in that order. I have been married forever to a very nice man who is nice to old ladies, dogs and children.

20 thoughts on “HAIL NO”

  1. The same here, Kayti.
    We have a number of chargers for different electronic devices and I have them all clustered together on a special ‘board’. It is unsettling how we got hooked. There is always something beeping and usually it needs me to sort out which battery needs re-charging. Of course, the drawers are full of chargers of long gone phones. X boxes or even the gardening tools such as edgers and clippers.
    I had a red dot on my phone this morning under a ‘settings’ app, and it urged me to ‘install’ something. I am now relishing not following this latest order, defying the Apple conglomerate. Who do they think they are? Am I being attacked by Analytica Cambridge?


    1. It’s interesting how older people are startled by each new step from these devices, while seven year olds take it in their stride. I received a “reminder on email this morning saying I had to update my AT@T account or it would be closed. It was sent from New Zealand. I had called the company the first time it came and they said to just delete. Too bad someone is always out to get us. We were receiving so many robot calls I put the landline on 2 rings before answering machine. It has helped tremendously. They won’t leave messages but people you know, will.


  2. I find paper books are getting harder for me to read as well. If I’m wearing my glasses, it’s okay, because they’re progressive lenses. But in my contacts, I often need reading glasses if the print is too small. So yes, in that regard, the iPad is nice for reading. I also like reading on it while I’m walking on the treadmill. Easier to prop up than an actual book. But still, it’s not the same as a paper book, is it. There’s just something about flipping back and forth between actual pages that makes reading more pleasurable.


    1. Our house is filled with books we can no longer read, and unfortunately, they don’t put all of them on Kindle or Apple so that we can reread.
      I am enjoying your latest book “The Bone Curse” so much. It keeps me on edge wondering what comes next.


    1. Her sense of hearing is so acute that we have to be careful about saying her name. My husband wanted to know about an old band leader and was looking it up on his iPad. I just asked Alexa and she popped out the answer. Leaves you wondering what else she can do.


  3. I understand completely why Alexa would be of help. You can ask her to play all of Frank Sinatra’s songs! You can ask her what the humidity level is. You can ask her for a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. Good God, what doesn’t she do?


  4. We had hail here last week, as well. It wasn’t much, but it certainly was a surprise. We were worrying that we’d get another freeze while the fruit trees were blooming, but we seem to have escaped that.

    I didn’t like the Kindle at all. In fact, mine is stuck in a drawer somewhere — I don’t even know where it is. But I’ve never tried reading with my iPad. With its larger screen, it might be more acceptable. I’m lucky that my glaucoma has stayed under control. I have another six-month checkup May 1, and it will be interesting to see how I’m doing. Otherwise, the new lenses are hunky-dory. I sometimes have a little trouble with tiny print, but a drop of artificial tears takes care of that.

    As for all those cords, I solved the problem by simply putting a piece of lime green paper tape around each one, and writing on the tape what it belongs to: ipad, keyboard, phone, etc. Since the cords don’t really take any abuse, the tape holds up fine, and if it needs to be replaced, it’s no big deal. It certainly reduces the time devoted to trial and error!


  5. Your green tape is brilliant. I do something similar to computer cords if I unplug it. I don’t have a Kindle. I read on my iPad. Works great. Most of my books come with black background white print. Easy to read. White paper is glarey. I’m reading Carrie Rubin’s latest book “The Bone Curse”. Good thriller.

    I have worried about the fruit trees here too with all the hail and cold weather. We are having a few days of lovely warm weather now.


  6. Oh, these wonderful and at times frustrating pieces of technology we accumulate. I feel the same as you do about reading on an iPad. It’s nice to adjust the font size for my eyes that aren’t what they used to be, but I miss skipping about willy nilly rereading things. While traveling recently, Joel and I left the charger for his phone in a hotel room. We backtracked and when we asked if it had been found, the housekeeping manager dumped a large cardboard box full of forgotten cords on a table and told us to take our pick. It was amazing.


    1. I had a laugh about the pile of chargers. Funnily, they don’t all fit each device. Dr. A and I had a bit of a tussle determining who should use which charger on their phone. Mine only works on mine, but he insisted trying to use it on his. Looking in my desk I found a plastic bag with a number of them from long diseased devices. No idea why I saved them.


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